Why you are doing the “work” and NOT getting the results you want……..

Have you ever felt like your diet is good, working out consistently and just not getting the results?  There may be one underlying factor that is holding you back………………..FOCUS!

Yep, that’s right.  It may be just that simple.  Whether you are toning up, bulking up, etc. the focus, or intensity of your workout is critical!  However, few people really focus during their workouts. This does not mean screaming or grunting during each set, lol, this is very much mental.  A major key to getting the most out of your workout is learning to apply the powers of your mind to weight training to create a mind-muscle connection. This connection gives more stimulation to the muscles during each repetition.  How do we do this???  By picturing in your mind the muscle(s) being contracted and released during each rep. Just focusing on each muscle being worked while performing the movements drastically increases the stimulation to the muscles.  Paying attention to detail in your form is also a great way to help you focus on each rep and make that connection.

Now, for those busy professionals like myself that have 1000 things running through their minds constantly regarding work, kids, schedules, etc, etc, etc.  How in the heck can we focus so intently on every single rep of every single set during every single workout???

  1. It takes practice.  Like all habits, they must be developed.
  2. It takes knowledge.  Do some basic research on the body and how and what muscles respond to specific movements.  If you have a personal trainer, use them for that knowledge of what’s being worked and to help keep you focused.
  3. Get your mind right before the workout begins. During your warm up use that time to clear your mind by simple breathing exercises or thinking about exactly what you want to get out of your workout.  If you need to, put the headphones on and tune out the world around you!

We only get so many hours in a day and only get so much time to carve out for workouts, so, let’s get the most out of it!!!!


To Your Health,


Russ Midlam

Pursuit Fitness Center

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